Worship Services


What are your services like?
Our services last about an hour. You can find video of every service on our Messages page. We usually start with music to give each person a chance to connect to God through singing or listening. The style is modern with a classic hymn or two. At some point during the worship is an opportunity to give back to God with tithes and offerings. If you are visiting, we encourage you to not feel compelled to give.

The messages are focused on the Bible with practical applications for real life. You can find our messages in video form at Vimeo, or audio at our iTunes podcast.

Is my infant welcome?
Absolutely! You are welcome to keep your baby with you. If needed, we have a room with a video feed in the back of the sanctuary.

Can I drink coffee in the sanctuary?
You'd feel out of place if you didn't. Just kidding. Help yourself.

Sunday Services at 10:00 am - All are welcome - in person and online at