Galatians - by Matt Cramer

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Father, thank You that all that we do is a result of You working in our lives. You want to speak through me. Speak to our hearts. Amen.

I went to Moody Bible Institute – there we had to sign a student life contract – how we would operate as students. I must have been successful, because I graduated. But beyond that there was a moral code we operated by - Don’t drink, Don’t Smoke, Don’t chew – and don’t ...


Questions We Ask Jesus (and Honor Graduates)

05.25.08 HSLT Support Week

05.25.08 - HSLT Service

Questions Asked of Jesus

Questions We Ask Jesus

Luke 15 - The Prodigal Sons

Haggai - Consider Where You've Been

Do You Know for Certain?

Matthew 20 - The Last Shall be First

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