09.28.2008 Financial Crisis, Nehemiah 2, Power of Prayer


09.28.2008 Grace Summit Sermon by Mike Marette from Grace Summit on Vimeo.

We are going to do something a little different today – instead of 1 long message – you will hear 3 short messages. With the financial crisis, and the fears and concerns you might have, I thought that I should at least address this.

Then I’d like to jump back to Nehemiah – and then a short message from someone else at the end. I haven’t decided which one of you will give that. Just kidding – a video message from ...


09.21.2008 Nehemiah - Becoming Concerned for the Things of God

09.14.2008 Zephaniah - A Foundation for Transformation

09.07.2008 How Do You Respond When You Are Mistreated Or Wronged?

08.31.2008 The Importance of Prayer

08.24.2008 Expect Barriers when Responding to God's Will

08.17.2008 God, People, Church, World

08.10.2008 Mike Boys

08.03.2008 Rick and Carol Reynolds

07.27.2008 HSLT Recap

Sunday Service: 10:00 am
Adult Sunday School: 9:00 am

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