May 15 2022 Becoming Better Witnesses in our Context

Acts is a continuation of Luke. He wrote them as a 2-volume set…

We will be going through the book of Acts this summer. We are asking different people to share and read, and plan, and serve – it is more than Sunday morning services – it is like, how do we bring what they did 2000 years ago and bring it into our world.

June – introductions and Pentecost

June 12 – Prayer – 14 of the first 15 chapters, Luke talks about prayer. For each theme, there is a word we will look at – for Prayer, it will be ENGAGE – to be more ...


May 8 2022 - Are we Misunderstanding the Bible?

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Apr 10 2022 Palm Sunday - How to have Peace

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Mar 27 2022 Learning to Lament

Mar 20 2022 - Reconciling the God of the Old Testament with Jesus

Mar 13, 2022 Growing into Grief

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