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Our Mission: Reaching and equipping people to know and follow a loving God.

Our Values:
Pervasive Scripture: including God’s word in every aspect of church life in order to reveal God and shape how we think, feel and act

Connecting Worship: giving honor and praise to God individually and corporately in order to unite us in God’s presence

Generous Grace: welcoming people to come as they are in order that they may grow in a relationship with Christ

Authentic relationships: where people are known and accepted as they are and given love and support to grow in their relationship with God

Enthusiastic Service: being observant and willing to generously meet the needs of others

Our Goals:


We are seeking closeness with God, being aware of His presence through prayer, scripture, and worship.


We are bearing others’ burdens through generously giving our physical, emotional, and spiritual resources.


We are being transformed into the image of Christ by the Spirit through applying God’s Word and walking in faith.


We are sharing the truth of the gospel with those we meet in our daily lives through words and actions.

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Due to the concerns regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to follow our government's lead in exercising precautions to protect ourselves and our community. For this reason, we will be broadcasting our service via Facebook Live during normal service time on Sundays. Our public service is by RSVP only. There will be NO Sunday School or Nursery program at the church, only a limited number of people in-person. We strongly encourage you to watch the service online. The stream will go live at 10:00 am on Sunday. We are going to continue the regular meeting together of the church (via the Internet and in-person as distancing allows). Use the links above to access the service.
We encourage you during this time of crisis to be looking for opportunities to meet needs and engage in the gospel when you have opportunity.

Sunday Service: 10:00 am - in person or online at or YouTube